The worlds first Medical Diligence Company for the Health-Tech Sector.

MDisrupt is the world’s first medical diligence company for the healthtech industry.

We believe that the most impactful health products should make it to patients faster.


Uniting the healthtech and healthcare industries

Healthtech is one of the fastest growing industries. Investors and entrepreneurs alike are united in their desire to disrupt medicine. Yet, many healthtech companies struggle to bring promising products to widespread market adoption. The data and proof points for health products are much higher than for typical consumer products—but there is a clear path for bringing healthtech products to market. MDisrupt can get you there faster and more responsibly.


Our network consists of some of the most experienced people from the scientific, medical, regulatory, and commercial sectors of health care. We call them the MDisruptors. We all share a common desire to see the products that can have the biggest impact on patient care make it to market quickly and responsibly.

We believe the best way to do this is by applying medical diligence—a process that assesses a product’s clinical and commercial viability in a healthcare setting.

By uniting the innovators and investors from healthtech industry with our team of experienced MDisruptors, and applying medical diligence, we can get there faster together.


An objective, independent transparent assessment


Step One
We will work with the healthtech company to do an analysis of the product, data and claims, and the regulatory and commercial strategy.


Step Two
After completing the analysis, our team will provide an MDscore based on specific clinical and commercial viability parameters.


Step Three
The final step of the process is to provide a detailed report summarizing actions that can be taken to increase the MDscore.

If the score is high—Congratulations! The healthtech company is doing all the right things to develop a clinically and commercially viable product to gain widespread adoption and reimbursement in a healthcare setting. The MDscore and MDreport can be used as a stamp of independent verification for investors and potential partners.

If the score is low—let our team of MDisruptors help bridge the gap to improve the MDscore.

Defining a health product from the beginning?

For earlier stage healthtech companies who want to build a clinically and commercially viable product, MDisrupt can work closely with your team to define and shape your health product from the start. MDisrupt will guide you through all of the stages required to get your product adopted and reimbursed in a healthcare setting while avoiding costly missteps.


Working together

Our expert MDisruptors will work closely with the healthtech company’s team to build and execute the roadmap of steps that need to be taken to increase clinical and commercial viability. We will make recommendations, help design studies, and connect the team to our network of medical experts, academics and key opinion leaders.

  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research

  • Privacy and Security 

  • Health and Wellness Content 

  • Physician Education and Engagement

  • Commercialization and Channel strategy

  • Market Access

  • Regulatory Strategy

  • Clinical Study Roadmap

  • Study Design and Cohort Access

  • Coding, Coverage, Reimbursement

  • Key Opinion Leader Access and Utilization

  • Health Policy 


Who is medical diligence for?



We believe medical diligence should be a part of the due diligence process that investors rely on. Standard practice is to do legal, financial and technical diligence. Adding medical diligence will help you make wiser bets with bigger, faster returns.

Healthtech Companies


Healthtech companies looking to accelerate their path to market and achieve widespread adoption and reimbursement can use the MDscore and MDreport as a stamp of independent verification to show potential investors and partners.



Employers, health systems, health retailers, and other organizations considering strategic partnerships with a healthtech company can use the medical diligence process to assess the clinical viability of the health products being evaluated.